Treating the mind, body and spirit.


My experience of Sharin is that she has such a calming affect when you meet with her at the Center. The first time I met with her, I was surprised & delighted that acupuncture works! I never knew! I got such relief from simple symptoms, and big symptoms too. Sharin loves what she does & it shows. Who else likes to hum when they work?

- CW

I've learned & achieved fast relief from migraines.

- Anonymous

I had bilateral pinched nerves in my shoulders and wrists that caused me to wake up at night rubbing my hands. They would be aching and numb. They were achy and numb all the time. I was considering surgery just to get relief. I started seeing Dr. Sharin after the first of the year and I am not even thinking surgery. My hands are better by at least 90% or more.

- DH

I came to Sharin in a pretty crumbled state. Tragic events caused me to suffer from both post traumatic stress disorder and survivor's guilt. Nothing has come close to putting me back together again. After being treated by Sharin, I am now better and stronger than I've ever been. Sharin Lee is a healer, she saved my life.

- F.H.

As an athlete, her treatments help my performance.

- Anonymous

Before going to acupuncture I have had headaches almost everyday for the last year (at least). It became routine for me to put a pocket full of Tylenol so I would have it throughout the day. It was like clockwork, every afternoon I would take two. Then, I was introduced to Sharin at Points of Wellness. After the second treatment I noticed a major decrease in my headaches. It quickly went down from a headache everyday, to 1 a week and then 1 every two weeks. I no longer have to take Tylenol to work with me. The best thing is if I do get a headache I now know the techniques to use to ease the pain, if not get rid of it all together - thanks to Sharin! - SA

I was suffering from considerable lower back pain. By the end of my appointment I was feeling great all over and the back pain was gone. The relief was permanent as the back pain did not return. Awesome! - KG

I may show up stressed, but I walk out calm. - Anonymous

Dr. Sharin saved my life! :)

- CW

When she was still a student practitioner, Sharin's care helped me through one of the most difficult and trying periods of my physical and emotional life. I was suffering with a life-long digestive condition as well as preparing for a major change in lifestyle and a cross-country move - seriously imbalanced. Sharin's empathy, openness, skill, compassion, knowledge and presence combined to provide a new conduit for health for me, and opened my eyes to the worlds of acupuncture, moxibustion, bodywork, energetics and more. Recently spending some time at Points of Wellness filled me with joy, because Sharin is able to work with a harmonious amalgamation of the modalities in which she is both comfortable and proficient. After many sessions last year while she was working at East West College of Natural Medicine, my first appointment at her clinic in Clearwater was a reminder not only of why I felt so comfortable and fortified with her last year, but also brought to mind all over again the power of collaboration between a healer and a patient. Sharin has inspired me to pursue the healing arts as a lifepath, and I will be forever grateful for her influence. If I can someday be for even just one patient what Sharin has been to me, that will be a great accomplishment. - GR

My back had me hunched over, barely walking. I was able to walk out standing more erect, on the road to recovery.

- Anonymous

Over the course of a year, I have received acupuncture treatments from Sharin Lee (Points of Wellness) for stress and anxiety, lack of sleep, and even severe menstrual cramps. Sharin Lee has taught me so much about my own body and how it functions and educated me on how some of my habits have adverse affects. She has shown me pressure points on my body that I can do by myself at times when I need quick pain or stress relief. Above all, Sharin Lee spends time with her clients, explaining, educating and assuring they are achieving positive results with acupuncture treatments. Sharin Lee is the best!!

- VG

I have been having headaches daily that would last 8-10 hours due to all the tension in my upper back. I was also having numbness in my wrists and forearms which gradually moved up into my elbows. When the numbness reached my elbows I decided to something about it. I went to my primary care physician and was referred to a neurologist. There was a mix up at the neurologist offices and getting in to see them took longer than I expected. While waiting for my appointment date I knew there had to be another way. I have been wanting to try acupuncture for a while and finally made the choice to schedule an appointment. It has been one of the best decisions I have made. The numbness in my arms has dissipated. I rarely have a headache, if I do get one it's very mild and will only last about 10-15 minutes. Sharin Lee takes her time and listens to the issues you are having. She not only helps treat immediate issues but helps improve your overall well being. She has been a tremendous help in getting me on the right path to a more natural and healthy lifestyle.

- DC